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Optima Nano set
Optima Nano set
Optima Nano is an advanced computer controlling sequential gas injection, in the class of controllers with a 24-pin connector. It is intended for...
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Shark BFE ADAPT reducer
Shark BFE ADAPT reducer
Unrivaled in turbocharged cars - the SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer increases the gas pressure, unlike typical reducers where the pressure is kept at the...
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Shark reducer 1200 mbar
Shark reducer 1200 mbar
ALEX Autogas products are efficient, reliable and widely used in the LPG market. Eagerly used by mechanics in more than 40 countries around the...
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Latest News - LPG and CNG parts and accessories for gas installations

Parts for LPG and CNG installations

LPG and CNG store - parts and accessories for gas installations, autogas


In our online store you will find all the necessary parts for car LPG and CNG installations. Online store of the manufacturer of gas installations ALEX is a place where you will find complete LPG installation kits, as well as autogas spare parts and accessories. LPG controllers, liquid and vapor phase gas filters, multi-valves, LPG injectors, gas reducers, assembly parts - all these products can be found in the constantly expanding offer of the LPG wholesaler. Our online store offering gas installations is a proven place where you can shop for your LPG workshop or buy spare parts. LPG/CNG control electronics, LPG and CNG mechanical parts and complete autogas systems have no secrets from us.


Original parts

Sklepgazownika is a place where you can buy products such as: LPG installation kit (sequential gas injection of the volatile and liquid phases and a vacuum installation), LPG injectors (single injector, injector rail, nozzles, mounting elements), injector rail calibrator, LPG filter (phase liquid, volatile - oil fraction separator), gas level sensor, LPG interface, map sensor, injector adapters, gas detector, coil (solenoid valve, injector and reducer), control electronics (kit, minikit, set, controller), control unit - petrol switch /gas, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, emulator, reducer and spare parts, repair kit, Multivalve, Valve, Tees, pipes, cables and other accessories.


ALEX LPG installations and parts


Our offer is primarily our own production - complete LPG/CNG installations and components for cars with indirect and direct gasoline injection: ALEX OPTIMA, ALEX IDEA controllers, SHARK and TURBOT reducers, Barracuda, FLIPPER and RAIL-001 injectors, Ultra360° filters, valves gas, RGB control units, thermoplastic cables. We also offer the well-known A.E.B. electronics, tuned to the autogas mechanics elements we produce, offered as ready-made LPG assembly kits under the ALEX by AEB brand. We offer retail and wholesale sales of Polish and foreign manufacturers: Tomasetto, OMB and Valtek valves and multi-valves, as well as Bormech tanks. Your online purchases should be safe and your choice should be safe, which is why you have a 2-year warranty for each product from our assortment, and ALEX IDEA and ALEX OPTIMA controllers have a 5-year warranty as standard.