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Our offer includes a modern Flipper injection rail, placed between the ALEX Rail-001 and Barracuda models. Flipper is distinguished by its innovative piston design and compact housing, which makes it lighter and more efficient. The use of a proprietary vulcanization process for rubber elements allows them to maintain their flexibility and constant performance over a longer period of use.

Flipper injector rails are representatives of the middle-higher class injectors. Workshops installing car gas systems highly praise this product due to its very favorable price-quality ratio.

Flipper, manufactured and tested in accordance with the American standard SAE J1832:2016, meets strict production and measurement standards for gasoline injectors. High-quality materials, attention to detail and numerous tests guarantee excellent parameters and reliability for a long time of use.

Choose modern Flipper injector rails, available in an attractive offer, and enjoy the efficiency and durability of the injectors.